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With LOVE, for your magic Christmas.
With LOVE, for your magic Christmas.
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    magic crystal

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    100% natural, ethically sourced, sustainable soy wax *vegan, cruelty free, paraben-free, no GMO smells like Christmas if you order twice you might have a surprise URBAN WITCHCRAFT The CLEAR QUARTZ- The Main Wizzard! By it s ability to channel and focus all the energy around you, THE GANDALF OF ALL CRYSTALS, will improve the quality of your life, healing all your mental, physical, emotional or spiritual conditions. It is a well known fact that all this stress of accumulating and all the lost nights of passionate love, will take their toll on your MIND and BODY. That is why THE ROSE QUARTZ is here! In ancient times, people believed that IT had the power to clear the complexion and to prevent wrinkles. In modern times, we believe it has the power to banish fatigue and rejuvenate your body. Last, but not least - CITRINE! Just for all your wished to come true! Candle with care trim the wick at 1 cm after every burn. burn until it reaches full melt pool (2-4h). burn it no more than 4h at a time to prevent it from consuming too quickly (want more light, light another aroma). keep them away from direct sun. aprox. 150 g weight | aprox. 30 h burning time
    104,00 lei 72,80 lei
    104,00 lei 72,80 lei