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104,00 lei

100% natural, ethically sourced, sustainable wax
*vegan, cruelty free, paraben-free, no GMO

we use only bioglitter

Knowledge is a NECTARINE,
It’s just info, not a sin.
I dont want to have a rant,
So, please smell the BLACKCURRANT!


You have grown very wise now. All the experience of the past has strengthened your ability to judge the events of life as they occur.
But, in order to keep your wits about you, we come to aid with the following secret combination of GEMS.
With the help of THE OBSIDIAN, this sometimes humungous task, will be eliminated. It will boost your intuition and, by the power to improve your awareness will keep you protected.
Now there is the time to focus on the clarity of your dreams. LAPIS LAZULI- THE WISDOM GEM, will surround you with its protective grace dispelling disorganisation and relieving insomnia, allowing you to travel the DREAM WORLD in search of more WISDOM.
THE AMETHYST will keep you away from addiction supporting your emotional energy, while magnifying the energy of all the other gems.

Candle with care
trim the wick at 1 cm after every burn.
burn until it reaches full melt pool (2-4h).
burn it no more than 4h at a time to prevent it from consuming too quickly (want more light, light another aroma).
keep them away from direct sun.

aprox. 150 g weight | aprox. 30 h burning time

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