Free shipping over 120 RON ❤ Order ships in 3-4 days
Free shipping over 120 RON / Order ships in 3-4 days

The Body-old

These instruments are here to accompany and prepare your body for your becoming.
Our ingredients are nature based and nature’s best.
Based on the fact that emotions have scents, we select our fragrances carefully  for them to serve your purpose and for you to experience the most pleasant feelings.
Our aromas are both natural and nature based. We choose the ingredients wisely.
All our fragrances are paraben-free, GMO free, cruelty free and, of course, vegan.
Our bath bombs are wrapped in shrink foil, but the foil we use is POF not PVC. That means it is made from recycled plastic and it is eco-friendly. The glitter we use is also biodegradable. As we all are.
Salt – coming soon
Soap – coming soon
Bubble – coming soon


Soap (coming soon)