Free shipping over 120 RON ❤ Order ships in 3-4 days
Free shipping over 120 RON / Order ships in 3-4 days

The Candles

Our ingredients are nature based and nature’s best.
We use only 100% natural wax: ethically sourced soy for our crystal collection and the most sustainable wax we found canola+coconut for our art collection. When we say natural we say that you can play with the cold wax, put it on your skin, stain your clothes and furniture with it. It will come out with soap and hot water. On the wood table leave it, it nourishes it.
Natural wax has memory. It remembers how you burn it so it can tunnel if you don’t wait for it to reach a full melt pool each time you use it.
Also natural wax is perfectly imperfect, we love that about it. We see it was once a plant. Our candles might have holes or might frost (discolour due to the fact they are natural).
Based on the fact that emotions have scents, we select our fragrances carefully  for them to serve your purpose and for you to experience the most pleasant feelings.
Our aromas are both natural and nature based. We choose the ingredients wisely.
All our fragrances are paraben-free, GMO free, cruelty free and, of course, vegan.
Our candles have cotton wicks. Why? They are the most eco-friendly and sustainable.
We designed our packaging having in mind that this is a story about us. And us means the whole planet. We will tell you this over and over again so that, may be, who knows, one day, we shall all love it, as EARTH deserves.
All our packaging is recyclable, we try to make it all reusable too (almost there).
The only plastic we use comes from our glue gun. We glue the candle wicks down to the recipients. We haven’t found any other safe way to stick the wick. But we have faith we will find, or if not, we shall invent one.

Art Collection

Crystal Collection