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Crystal Collection

This collection is here to guide you through your journey.
Entrust the crystals with your intention and let them serve as a reminder of your dream.


Greetings to all of you, witches and wizards in town! The following tour represents your entry into the realm of friendly sorcery. We believe that you are the owners of the crucial element capable of changing your experience: you inner will. As we will be guiding you through the Phoenix Crystal Library, you will be learning about the special superpowers of our CRYSTALS, and how to use them along with your inner will, to help you make your life a better experience. So, without further ado, prepare your INNER BEING to be REVIVED!

At the start of our journey, we find it absolutely compulsory to fit yourself with THE CLEAR QUARTZ. This gem has the SUPREME POWER. That is why you will find it in each of our GEM COMBINATIONS. This power consists in SYNCHRONISING ALL THE CHAKRAS in your body. It also has the ability to improve the quality of your life, by channeling all the energies. Think of it as the EXECUTIVE STONE. It s a must-have!

Now we hope that all our SPELLS will help you find YOUR INNER SELF.
REMEMBER: all these are just HELPERS who, along with your INNER WILL, will guide you to find all that is seek-able.

How to recharge the crystals: one day and one night in the sun and under the moonlight.

Sustainability advice: clean the glass with hot water and soap and use it anyway you want.
Put the crystals in the water in order to charge it with your willpower and intention. Wash your face and body with it and drink the water. Kidding. You got the idea, you clever phoenix, put the crystals separately in the water you want to drink, blessing it with your good intentions.

Note to all the nonbelievers: It’s OKAY not to believe in all our might and magic, as long as you buy our candles because they smell and look nice. We ACCEPT and RESPECT your skepticism, have fun though with our stories.

We write them funny, you take them seriously.
We know how much you love our products. So much that
you would literally, ingest them, in order to emanate the fragrance yourselves. And eventually set yourselves on
fire…Be advised: don’t do it! DO NOT EAT OUR PRODUCTS!…or set yourselves on fire. We need you to buy our products.
And KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN as well. You know how fiery they can get sometimes!
Also you might want to KEEP AWAY FROM PETS. They only want to play with them, and eat them, and emanate
fragrance. Protect them. Keep your products for yourselves.
Even though it is redundant we need to tell you this: the containers will be hot during and immediately after a candle is burned. Because fire makes objects hot. Don’t blow it with the precious air from your lungs, you may spill our precious wax, use a special tool. It’s called a snuffer (we looked it up on google). Be special. Use a snuffer. We try to use the most sensitive ingredients but our products may cause allergic skin reactions. Nowadays people are allergic even to other people, let alone to other stuff.

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    100% natural, ethically sourced, sustainable wax *vegan, cruelty free, paraben-free, no GMO we use only bioglitter Now, that you regained your health, Let us brag about our WEALTH. First, we think is necessary, To blow your smell with BLACK CHERRY! URBAN WITCHCRAFT WEALTH OF NATIONS THE EYE OF THE TIGER, you will be able to see more deeply into things, and also to shift in between different perspectives. THE EYE makes you more creative business-wise, being a great support in achieving success. AVENTURINE – THE LUCKY CHARM! You will need it in your quest for WEALTH, because in any business, one requires a bit of luck! Healers call it THE GAMBLER S STONE, as well! Please note that your inner entrepreneur will be needing lots of warmth and power, in order to achieve WEALTH. So we added CITRINE along all the others. Candle with care trim the wick at 1 cm after every burn. burn until it reaches full melt pool (2-4h). burn it no more than 4h at a time to prevent it from consuming too quickly (want more light, light another aroma). keep them away from direct sun. aprox. 150 g weight | aprox. 30 h burning time
    104,00 lei
    104,00 lei