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The Story


This is a story about you, about me, about us.

I am Ada Galeș, actress. You can find me at the National Theatre in Bucharest, in the movies, in many other national theatres, independent projects. Acting is my core identity. I love this job. Because I understood that for me happiness means giving myself back to the world, I also work as a personal development counsellor. Moreover, from the urge of doing things for and together with people I believe in, I stared We are Phoenix.
My mission is to build a transformational safe space for the people I work with and for the ones that step into our universe by being our clients.
Phoenix was created during the COVID-19 pandemic when despite feeling everything was dying, we also felt the urge to be reborn.

PHOENIX [fee-niks] represents our ever changing self
Phoenix is a story about you and me. You are the shero and the hero of our products.
What we mean by YOU and ME is that we make products we want to use, and actually use them in our everyday life. We create products for our BODY and our personal SPACE (because HOME is everywhere we are and feel good.)

Our purpose is to facilitate and accompany you silently during your transformation.
As humans, we have the ability to surrender and to let go of our past self in order for us to be reborn. Every shero/hero is an ordinary human being that goes through a transformational experience of finding ones true self. That journey becomes a story about humanity.
We believe that home and body products that make us all feel good should not harm anybody.

We believe the the only story worth telling is a story that keeps our planet safe.
Only birth can overcome death, so in order to live, we have to let ourselves be reborn over and over again. This is our rebirth as phoenixes.

This business is women owned. And men friendly. And all other identities. And races. We believe in equity, respect, freedom and love. We are all humans.
EQUAL human beings.

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Here at Phoenix we all have day jobs. We love our jobs.

But this is our passion and we believe that we are not defined by a title or a job we have, but also by what we leave behind. We know that one day, with your help, this will become an organisation, a live organism, of women supporting women and creating sustainable workplaces for many human beings.

The Fire – Ada, actress at the National Theatre in Bucharest and personal development counsellor, she makes all the candles and usually pushes people to do things and talks all day with everybody on the phone.

The Ash – Aureliana, COO in another company, keeps us all together, keeps Ada sane, does the math Ada and Ali can’t do and sometimes (more and more often) does candles with Ada.

The Feathers – Ali, the alchemist. Ali is a professional beautician, and at Phoenix she is doing all the soaps and bombs, and salts, and bubbles, and we should help her more because she works her ass off. She makes your water colour and the bombs fizz and float and swirl. The rest of us don’t actually know how she did those bombs. We never bought anything like them. But don’t believe us. Try them!

The Crown – Antoneta, writer, coach, art-therapist, mother of Ada and of dragons. You can see her handwriting on the letters you receive from us with our products. Also she ships everything.

And together with you – WEAREPHOENIX.

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